Credit Analysis

Credit Analysis

Credit Analysis

Credit Analysis seeks to:

  • Identification of the financial and Non-financial risks of the client.
  • Recommend a financing amount commensurate with the client’s financial performance.
  • Grant a recommendation with acceptance or rejection according to the credit study.

The purpose of credit analysis includes:

  • Studying the client's need
  • The ability of the client to pay the installments

The Preparation of a Credit Analysis includes three main themes, as follows:
1.    Financial Spread  
A professionally designed tool to measure the most important financial ratios that help in decision-making. This tool measures the quality of customers' data or not.

2.    Risk Rating
Credit rating service indicates customer durability. The classification includes financial and non-financial factors. The ratios are distributed in a manner of 60/40% of the output, which is indicative and included in the policies and procedures of Credit grants.

3.    Credit Analysis
Key Credit Analysis components :

  • General Information
  • Credit limits summary
  • Summary of Credit Proposal
  • SIMAH Report
  • Bank Relationships Overview
  • Key Risks
  • Financial Snapshot
  • Documentation / Legal or Regulatory Issues
  • Conclusions / Recommendations