Feasibility Studies - WAFI

Feasibility Studies - WAFI

Feasibility Studies - WAFI

WAFI " Off-Plan Sales or Rent Program"
A program to organize the sale and leasing of real estate units whatever their purpose or method of development before or during the development or construction phase. Real estate developers are required to implement each project's time plan according to the approved models and specifications.

WAFI Program Advantages

  • WAFI's advantages for buyer or tenant
  • Units at a lower cost
  • Increased supply options
  • Early ownership during execution
  • Parallel installments with a completion rate

Wafi's Advantages for Real Estate Developer

  • Direct financing from buyers
  • More effective (selling or leasing before or during the implementation phase)
  • Greater confidence (revitalizing the real estate market and increasing confidence in it)
  • Better partnerships (government agencies, financial companies, contractors, accountants, jurists, marketers, engineers)
  • Higher security (protection of developers' and beneficiaries' rights)
  • Better returns (provision of funding, risk reduction, schedule reduction)

Feasibility Study Steps
Conducting a feasibility study involves the following steps:

  • Conduct preliminary analyses.
  • Prepare a projected income statement.
  • Conduct a market survey.
  • Analysis of marketing strategies
  • Plan the organizational structure of the business
  • The detailed description of products and services,
  • Financial projections